Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Starting the learning curve.

I recently got a hold of SOLIDWORKS cad software and am working to learn how to model parts for the scale model live steam locomotive mentioned in a previous post. Also I have HSMWORKS, a totally integrated cam software in SOLIDWORKS to generate toolpaths for my cnc machines. As I am just learning to use the packages I don't have too much to say about them other than how intuitive they are. Here are some pictures of my first attemps at modeling the drive wheels for the Locomotive.

These are the drive wheels which are 80 inches in diameter.

This is what my model looks like in Solidworks. It is not the finished wheel only an attempt at modeling.

This is the tool path generated with HSMworks in Solidworks.

These are models machined  in Precision Board on my cnc router.

Next, I will model a wheel like the real one and machine it out of polystyrene foam for the lost foam casting process. I will make it 10 inches in dia. for the scale of the live steam Loco. I will cast it in grey iron. I will post pictures of the process. Also I will have pictures of modeling a new cupola for melting grey iron

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