Saturday, February 4, 2012

To make a good blog you have to....

get your ducks in a row. After jumping into the deep end and the shock of sink or swim, I realized I have to explain why and how I got Here.
   The main purpose is to chronicle the ways, means and whys of constructing models and displays for the WHEELS museum in Albuquerque.
  I will try to show the techniques used to produce these models using low tech to high tech methods. This will mirror the philosophy and goals of the WHEELS project. I will talk about the preservation,enlightenment, out-reach and education of the general public about the technologies of transportation and their emotional impact on society. I personally have seen the recent evolution of  travel, as a child I have ridden in horse drawn wagons, I have set mesmerize watching on tv  a man stepping on the moon. 
 Back on subject, the first project is what a colleague so lovingly refers to as " Lady Alvarado"
This model will use mostly medium high tech digital CAD/CAM processes. I have begun the translation of pictures to digital images to tool paths for computer aided manufacturing .

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