Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cranking up the CNC router

Went out to the shop earlythirty and got started on the cutting of parts for the Alvardo model. I decided to build it in "g" scale. I understand that there are several versions of the scale, the version I am using is 1/32 or 3/8" scale. First to cut is the track side facade of the wing just off Central avenue. It is typical of the "mission revival" style that Santa Fe railroad used in the "Harvey Houses".

This piece is  cut out of 1/2 inch re-sawed precision board and two pieces glued together. That s what I like about this product you can assemble your cutoffs into usable shapes. In fact the company that makes the board have a service where by if you know what size/shape you need they will glue it up for you so you don't have the waste.

Here are some window units ready to install into the facade.

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