Friday, February 7, 2014

I almost forgot that this blog is still here!

I am going to resurrect this blog and show what I am up to now. I have gone in a lot of direction recently. But what has dominated my priorities has to do with my brother acquiring a large number of laminated high quality mirrors from surplus of a large solar array. He also purchased a Water-jet cutter to cut the mirrors into a lot of interesting shapes. I will be doing the modeling of embellishments for the frames. Just because I want to get back in the swing of blogging this one is kina thrown together. I promise a little more polish on the next one. Here are a few photo for the mirror designs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

more progress

I am taking baby steps with Solidworks to make parts, but am getting the hang of it with the help of a fantastic web site  . A young man named Adam is producing some really good training videos. They are the best I have found and a lot of fun. Adam is informative and funny and has a good sense of tempo that makes his videos a valuable learning tool. Here are some pictures of my latest attemps at the drive wheels for the Locomotive model.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

I survived Train Day

May 12 National Train Day has come and gone and Me and my wife Cheryl survived. although The model of the Alvarado Hotel was not completely done. It was ok for show and tell at the Wheels museum in Albuquerque. Thanks to the good folks at Coastal Enterprise I had plenty of Precision board to make the model.
Putting on some final touches

Main lobby as seen from track side

Court yard under construction
 Construction is on going. In fact there is the Indian Building, Depot, annex and utility buildings yet to be built.

To this day there is a lot of sorrow and controversy about the demolishion of the Alvarado.  

Now that Train Day Is over I will start the Steam Locomotive project in earnest Because the folks at SOLIDWORKS has helped me with their software I can move ahead quickly, stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting ready for Train Day May 12

I am scurrying around trying to get the Alvarado Hotel model done for Train Day.

I normally don't like to show projects before they are done, but for the sake of the blog and the fact that I needed to mock up the model I will post a few pictures.

  See you at Train Day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Starting the learning curve.

I recently got a hold of SOLIDWORKS cad software and am working to learn how to model parts for the scale model live steam locomotive mentioned in a previous post. Also I have HSMWORKS, a totally integrated cam software in SOLIDWORKS to generate toolpaths for my cnc machines. As I am just learning to use the packages I don't have too much to say about them other than how intuitive they are. Here are some pictures of my first attemps at modeling the drive wheels for the Locomotive.

These are the drive wheels which are 80 inches in diameter.

This is what my model looks like in Solidworks. It is not the finished wheel only an attempt at modeling.

This is the tool path generated with HSMworks in Solidworks.

These are models machined  in Precision Board on my cnc router.

Next, I will model a wheel like the real one and machine it out of polystyrene foam for the lost foam casting process. I will make it 10 inches in dia. for the scale of the live steam Loco. I will cast it in grey iron. I will post pictures of the process. Also I will have pictures of modeling a new cupola for melting grey iron

Friday, March 23, 2012

Time to start posting again....

 It has been awhile so it is time to start posting again. I had to tie up some loose end like casting some pewter grips for a friend who sells grips on the internet, Joe at
pewter grips from rubber mold
Back side

pewter 1911 45 cal. grip

Also the Indian head sculpture I showed in a previous post. Is at the International Sign Show in Orlando FL. It is in the Coastal Enterprises booth, the makers of precision board. See